Hello Hungary!

We made it to Budapest! But, it’s been raining. And cloudy. And hello fall, you brought the cold. It makes me never want to leave the house, to hole up with Netflix and pastries in my pajamas.


Most days, Jeremy does still manage to drag me out of the house. I usually procrastinate about getting ready and complain a little about being cold, but once I get outside and get my coffee, I’m super keen to explore.


We’ll be in Budapest for quite some time, so we’re not trying to blow it all out of the water every single day. A cute coffee shop and a stroll around a famous landmark or two is enough per day for me.


My favorite part of the city so far is Buda Castle. I haven’t even gone inside yet, but just the gardens around it are fun to walk through.


It felt like every corner I tucked into held something special.


The higher you climb, the better your view over the river will be.


Once you make it to the top, right next to the castle entrance, you’ll have a hell of a vantage point.


One of these days, we’ll get inside and see if the magic of the outside bleeds inside as well. But honestly, I’d be happy if I just got to see those archways!

And on the way out of the gardens, I spotted this fountain I’d missed on the way in, with shimmery turquoise and navy tiles and a cheeky little guy spouting water.


One of the things I’ll miss most about Europe is their tendency to leave gorgeous works of art (like this fountain) out and about for everyone to see.

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