Prague: The City of 100 Spires

Prague is sometimes called the city “with a hundred spires.” Except that’s horribly inaccurate. There have to be thousands of spires. Spires everywhere!

The view across the Vltava River towards the red roofs of Malá Strana, or Lesser Quarter.


The 14th century Church of Our Lady Before Tyn peeking out from behind colorful houses, and peering into Old Town Square. All I have to say about Old Town Square is this: crowded, but mandatory.


More spires decorate side streets, and rows of prime real estate.


Speaking of prime real estate, wouldn’t you just love to live in one of these buildings, with windows overlooking this gorgeous city?


And if you lived here, you’d be able to hang out with these precious swans whenever you felt like it. They’ve got a pretty stellar view from their house, too.


I loved the tiles decorating the Municipal House, which is where they host everything from classical concerts to fashion shows.


Jeremy and I take Lilly to the park and she plays with all the little Czech puppies while we take photos and “spire admire.” I just made that phrase up, but I’m liking it!


But hands down my favorite spire in all of Prague is the one on the Old Town Hall in the Old Town Square (uber creative naming system, I know). That’s because on the southern side of the Old Town Hall is this baby.


Built in 1410 (!!!), the Prague Astronomical Clock is freaking gorgeous and I was instantly obsessed. Every hour on the hour, figures come out of the clock and it’s very cool. Like I said, my favorite thing in the city for sure!

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