Doors of Prague

If you follow me on Instagram, it won’t surprise you that I have a thing for doors. Colorful, modern, metal, arched, wooden, peeling, hidden, I love them all.

When Jeremy and I are walking around a city, I’m consistently stopping him and waiting patiently for a chance to snap a doorway at the perfect moment. I think I like them so much because it’s a true mystery what’s going on behind them. Any and every thing is possible beyond that door!

So, here are some of my favorite across Prague.

This one, with her matching mini balcony door.


This mint and purple masterpiece.


This rose gold lady, shimmering in the sun.


This master class in intricate carving.


This sweetheart, with her main girls guarding the entrance.


This one, and a lesson in fall decor.


This beauty, No. 102.


This one, with her pastel panels and astonishing attention to detail.


Ahhh, all white perfection, a cloud of a building.


And finally, this lovely lady. My favorite door I’ve seen in quite some time. Classic basilica, surprisingly colorful door.


Am I the only door lover around here? Have you guys seen this Instagram page, I Have This Thing With Doors?

3 thoughts on “Doors of Prague

  1. We loved the doors of Prague too! took loads of pics, really made something more of our trip seeing something amazing in something apparently so simple. Great city, beautiful doors 🙂


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