The Austrian Alps

The hillllllllls are alive with the sound of muuuuusic!

Austria really has turned out to be one of my favorite countries. Salzburg was wonderful, and of course the Sound of Music tour was everything I wanted it to be. Vienna was great as well, so I expected nothing less from the Austrian Alps.

We went to Mondsee on our fancy Sound of Music bus, where I got a taste for Alpine lakes and their gorgeous scenery.


The weather during our trip wasn’t really that great, we had dreary days and plenty of rain and snow. Somehow, that made the Alps even better. We drove to Hallstatt, one of the places in Austria I’d been told about over and over again. The drive up took us through tiny little villages, with views over steeples flanked by mountains.


When we made it to Hallstatt the rain started up again, but it was an adorable little town nonetheless.


The weather meant we were some of the few people walking about the lake, but I didn’t mind. One look at this view and it was hard to worry about some raindrops.


Once we left Hallstatt, we had no agenda. I didn’t have a plan, so we decided to just drive until we saw somewhere we’d like for lunch.


That turned out to be Maria Alm, a little ski town nearly entirely shut down since the season hasn’t started just yet.


On our way back home, the sun was setting back over the Alps, a totally magical scene.


Austria as a whole was a seriously wonderful experience, and as I always say, I’m dying to come back!


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