Zurich, Switzerland 

Jeremy and I had big plans for Switzerland, but  things just kept not falling into place for one reason or the other. We finally decided we were pushing too hard and it was time to back off and pursue something else.

It was a good plan, because we were set to go up into the Alps earlier that week and truthfully we were not prepared, clothing-wise, for the weather (carry-on suitcases only, remember?!). I’d much rather come back when we have our full winter kits. But, we’d decided to stay the weekend in Zurich before heading up to Paris. Jeremy’s parents left on Friday and we took a bus to Zurich.

We checked into the Swissôtel, which was pretty perfect for us, because it had a pastry shop and a Starbucks in the lobby. Oh, and a giant gold piece of cheese as well. They were kind enough to leave a dog bed and bowls for Lilly too!


Since we only had a short amount of time in the city, my only goal was to have fondue. My mom recommended a fondue place by the river that she’d been to with her friends when they were in Zurich several years ago. Problem was, she’d forgotten the name. She sent us a photo and Jeremy and I Google mapped it until we found the match: Zunfthaus zur Zimmerleuten. And all that effort finding it was worth it, because we had the most delicious meal.


The fondue was unlimited, the blankets were warm, and bag after bag of warm potatoes kept appearing out of nowhere. We also had pumpkin soup, which I kept spilling, so really, Lilly had a pretty hefty portion of pumpkin soup.

Ok, anyway, enough about fondue. It was good, go eat it in the country where it was invented, and be insanely happy and full. And if you want to walk it off, down by the river is the best place.


I know it’s cheesy, but I loved seeing all the things branded with the Swiss flag, and Swiss Army knives were everywhere. Look at this chandelier made of knives!


The shopping in Zurich was fantastic too, they had all the Swiss themed shops of course, and a gorgeous Moncler, and the large majority of shops were decorated for Christmas!


As we were walking around on our last night, we both decided we’d made the right decision in just doing a short weekend in Switzerland and coming back soon – preferably when I have a suitcase full of outfits like the one above!


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