New York With My Best Friend

What’s better than uninterrupted time with your best friend? Not a whole lot.

My bestie of 10+ years (also named Katie) lives in a super tiny town in New York. She grew up there and recently moved back with her fiancé and their pup Chloe.

Jeremy and I flew home from Europe via JFK, and couldn’t be that close to Katie without stopping in. We spent a total of 4 days in the town of 167 people, and it was really fun. And eye-opening! We went to dinner one night and there was a snow plow in the parking lot! I didn’t see a single stop light and the town’s single coffee shop was closed on Tuesday and Wednesday (like WTF, those are prime coffee days!)


There were deer in the backyard and Lilly loved watching the birds and actually doing her business in the grass instead of on the sidewalk like a full-fledged city dog. It snowed a few times and we’d take the pups outside in their puffer coats to play in the flakes.


We did a tour of the town and I kept making Katie pull over so I could take photos of the snow covered trees and streets.


Since it was chilly and mid-week, here’s what we did: lounge in our pajamas, play ping-pong, watch Gilmore Girls, dance to our favorite songs from 2006, decorated the Christmas tree, eat our weight in rice krispy treats, and laugh until we cried. It can be hard to stay in touch and make time for one another when you get older and life gets in the way. I’m lucky that Katie and I have been friends for so long, we make it a priority to talk every single day. And here’s a fun fact: she’s so close with Jeremy, it’s like they’re brother and sister. She’s even the one that introduced the two of us back in 2007!


Spending down time with my bestie was just what the doctor ordered to get me through the transition from Europe life back to America life.

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