New York, New York

Jeremy has never been to New York City. Can you believe that?!? Well, I suppose now he has but this was his first time. Sadly, we only had a handful of hours to explore the city since we were flying later that night to Colorado.

It was nice because my best friend Katie got to join us for a little bit. She had a flight from JFK early Friday morning, so it was very minimal time, but SO good nonetheless.


After Katie left for the airport, we popped Lilly into her puffer, grabbed some giant coffees and rainbow bagels (when in New York, right?!) and set out to see some of Brooklyn.


I knew DUMBO from Dan’s hood in Gossip Girl (where 98% of my NYC knowledge came from), and wanted to see Fleet Alley and Washington Street, for the iconic bridge view. It was so beautiful, and I REALLY liked this part of Brooklyn. I know Jeremy could see himself living there, I think he just didn’t say it out loud in case we got into a LA vs. NYC battle!


After a stroll through the streets and down by the river, and a brief consideration to walking across the Brooklyn Bridge (idea nixed bc of 35° and crazy winds), we made it to my highly anticipated shopping stop: Brother Vellies.


Do you all know Brother Vellies? It’s a Vogue/CFDA Fashion Fund winner (so ya know it’s legit), and the founder Aurora James is a complete goddess. They do sustainable fashion, all handmade in Moroccco, Kenya, and Ethiopia. I’ve been dying to visit their store in NYC for the better part of a year now. The store was beautiful but the staff was seriously lacking customer service skills and I couldn’t find the exact shoes I’d been searching for. I was super bummed (you’d think they’d actually be interested in helping their customers, but this doesn’t seem to be the case), and resolved to track my shoes down myself since I consider myself nearly expert level at online shopping.

Anyway, after that we just strolled (no surprise there!): down Fulton Street, to the bull on Wall Street, by the waterfront, and into Battery Park for a quick view of the Lady.


The freezing weather had started to get to us and we were not prepared clothes-wise for the temps. We knew winter was coming of course, but it’s one of those things where we kept saying, “Oh no point in buying [insert winter item here] when we have that at home and are going back in 2 weeks…”

Our trip to New York City was very short but very sweet. Spending time with my bestie was wonderful, and showing Jeremy around the city was fun. We’re coming back for a longer time over the summer, so I wasn’t too bummed about the short day. Plus, I will say I was pretty giddy boarding that final flight from JFK to Denver. It meant we finally get to slow down for a bit and just breathe.

See you again in a few months NYC! 🗽

4 thoughts on “New York, New York

  1. Love your photos, particularly of Brooklyn Bridge! I grew up right outside of the city on the north shore of Long Island and later lived about an hour west of the city in NJ. We went in all the time, but I have to admit, we never explored Brooklyn. All the other boroughs, yes , but not Brooklyn. I guess it had such a bad reputation back in my younger days that I just wrote off the place forever. You have me convinced to take a look next time we are in the area!


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