UPDATED! My Favorite Things: Paris

Being a Parisien is not about being born in Paris. It’s about being reborn there.
Sacha Guitry


I’ve made a list of my favorite places in Paris before (here), but I thought it was time to add some more on to the list. Some are new things I’ve found since making that one, and some are just things I left off the first go round.



Hermes on Rue de Sevres – I’m not saying you do all your shopping at Hermes, although I can’t imagine a better French souvenir. But this shop is stunning and is worth the walk around. Plus, it’s not nearly as busy as the other Hermes shops if you do happen to be in the market.

Officine Universelle Buly 1803 – How often do you get to shop with a brand that’s been around since 1803? Not very often. At Buly, you can. Lotions, candles, frangrances, it’s all here in the most delightful little shop.

Hartford – Hip, like REAL hip. Clothing and accessories for when you want to look French but speak English.

Papier+ – I did my best to convince both myself and Jeremy that I needed to go “Back to School” shopping, meaning I needed matching notebooks and pencils from this color-coordinated shop.

St. Germain area – Little boutiques and unique shops, all smooshed in a great area. I really like the vibe of St. Germain and I think you will too.

Le Bon Marché – Paris isn’t suffering from a department store shortage, but my favorite is Le Bon Marché. Well curated, housed in a spectacular building, and quiet (praise hands!).

L’Appartement Sézane – Again, not much of a secret, but is very well curated and has the best gifts. Plus, the tile mural on the floor is painfully awesome.


Moncler – I LOVE Moncler. Of course, their winter gear is top notch, but it’s another of those stores that is worth a visit purely for design envy alone.

Goyard – You won’t get any classier than Goyard. It just won’t happen. Their bags are legendary and they can be handpainted with (almost) whatever you want in a variety of beautiful colors.

Bimba Y Lola – Another one of those places where you’ll find minimal Euro basics. Well-made and always tailored to within an inch of perfection.

Mokuba Paris – Just a store filled with ribbon. Yes, unnecessary, but majorly fun to get lost in. Would make a fun few hours on a rainy day.

Boutique and Gallery Reunion – If you want to browse outside the normal shops, a boutique and art gallery combination is your spot. This place is just cool and I loved it.

Princess Tam Tam, Intimissimi, Oysho – Intimissimi is my absolute favorte place to buy lingerie. While Intimissimi is my jam, Princess Tam Tam and Oysho are good for undergarments and sleepwear too. Pick up something to remind you of your trip to romantic Paris.


Parc de Bagatelle + Foundation Louis Vuitton – At her best in the spring, and a bit far out, but worth the trip if you’re in Paris when the sun is shining and the weather’s nice and warm.

Palais Royal – I’m sure you’ve seen this gem on Instagram, but come on. It’s SO beautiful and often you can find it fairly empty. How that happens, I do not know because it’s Parisian perfection.


Point de Bir-Hakeim – One of the best views of the Eiffel Tower, and much less crowded than Trocadero. This would be a perfect spot to watch the twinkling tower lights each night (for 5 minutes, every hour on the hour, from 9:00pm-midnight).

National Archives Garden – A very small, tucked away garden. On our most recent trip, I was really obsessed with finding QUIET spots in the city, and this teeny garden is one of them. An excellent place to sit for a chat on a sunny day.

Atelier Brancusi – A tiny art gallery that’s free to enter. The city of Paris recreated Brancusi’s workshop on the day of his death, and it’s beautiful and empty, meaning it’s a perfect spot to unwind.

Hôtel de Ville – Paris’ city hall, opened in 1357 (no big deal). In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful buildings I’ve seen in Paris. Take lots of detail photos!

Musée Gustave Moreau – This museum is dedicated to the painter Gustave Moreau. Even if you haven’t heard of him, you’ll enjoy his symbolist art and you’ll fall in love with this museum. The building is gorgeous itself, but it’s also absolutely packed with art and relatively quiet. You’ll feel like you’ve entered a really chic Parisien apartment.


IT Juice Bar – I love juice bars and going out for breakfast. Granted it may happen at 11:00am, but if you eat breakfast foods, it counts. IT has a good setup, plus it’s right across from Starbucks, so if you don’t quite get your caffeine fix (and who ever does?!), you can pop in for a(nother) coffee.

Laurent Restaurant – Now, let’s be clear. Normally, I would never direct you in the direction of the Champs-Élysées because it’s a shitshow. However, Jer and I went to Laurent years ago (before we realized we hated the Champs), and it was miraculously quiet, and had a chic patio.

La Parenthèse – Grilled cheese! If you’re tired of eating escargots and tartare every day and longing for a simpler meal, try the grilled cheese and soup lunch combo. If you’re feeling fancy, try a double!

Wild & The Moon Wild Bar – Are you an LA girl at heart? Will you shrivel and die without your avocado toast? Yeah, me too! I need a daily açai bowl and cold pressed juice, and Wild is a damn good place to get it.

yam’Tcha – Do you guys know the show Chef’s Table? They did a French version and featured yam’Tcha. The owners are ultra-charming, the restaurant has a giant window looking into the kitchen, and the dim sum is otherworldly.

Café Pinson – Are you a vegetarian or vegan? Then you’ll probably know how tough it can be to find meals that don’t contain meat products when the menu is in a foreign language. Not an issue at veg-friendly Cafe Pinson.

Rue Sainte-Anne – In the 1arr, this street is home to some of the best Japanese restaurants in the city. Um, yes please!

Bagelstein – Want breakfast that’s a little heartier than a croissant? I like Bagelstein because they always have unique flavor combinations and I can grab a big bagel and coffee to go and get on with my day.

Café Kitsune – A cozy and casual coffee shop near the Palais Royale. The perfect start to a dreamy day in the city.

L’As du Fallafel – Yes, I know it’s cliche. Everyone who’s ever been to Paris knows about their fallafel, but that doesn’t mean it’s not freaking good.



One of the ways I find things to do in Paris (and in all other places I go to) is through Instagram. I’ll either look at some of my favorite travel posters, or just do a general search for the city in the “Places” category. If you want French inspo, try these: @domestikate, @parisinfourmonths, @lamourdeparis, @linstantparisien, and @parisjetaime.

P.S. In the last edition of this series, I mentioned the restaurant Chartier. However, this past trip, we went by a couple of times, and there was a queue wrapped around the corner every time. They even had a velvet rope set up to control the line. The food was great, but it looks like Chartier hit the big time, and may be worth skipping. There’s other places with fantastic food minus the crowds.

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