PRESENCE > PRESENTS: Christmas in Colorado

Presence > Presents. (Praise hands emoji!)

This year, the single thing I wanted for Christmas was my family to be together. We’ve never had a holiday where we’ve merged everyone – until now.

We had me and Jeremy, Jeremy’s dad and his fiancé Mary, and Mary’s mother and daughter. My brother came down and my mom flew in from North Carolina, plus Jeremy’s brother, his wife, and their 3 children came in from Utah. Oh, and we had 2 dogs! (One of those cuties is lounging under her Christmas tree below!)


It was a packed house, but oh my god was it fun. The kids are actually not kids, they’re full blown teenagers with the personality to match! We all played cards and dice and ping pong and danced in the kitchen to Christmas music.

We ate all our meals together and picked on each other relentlessly (after all, what is family for?!). We made hot chocolate, took silly selfies with the Snapchat filters, braided each other’s hair, and played a few pranks. Jeremy and I found the roles of a lifetime in being the weird hippie aunt and uncle, eating vegan meals on Christmas Day and drinking chia kombucha and recommending climate change documentaries.


It had snowed the weekend before, and there was still a bit lingering around for us to play in. We even got a small snow shower on Christmas Day!


It feels SO nice to be back in Colorado for a bit. To have our entire families come together for the holidays was just the icing on the cake. I’m so thankful people made the trip and we could all be together for the holidays. Everyone is gone now and the house is quiet again, and that feels sort of strange! I’m not sure I can convince my in-laws to repeat the big family Christmas again (they’ve already talked about escaping us all and going to Mexico!), but it was SO much fun while it lasted. 

I didn’t unwrap a single gift but I got everything I wanted. 

I hope you had the best holiday, and shared it with the people you love.

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