“I ain’t ever lived a year better spent in love…”
Mumford and Sons

Man, was 2016 some sorta year. It was filled with ups and downs, not only for me personally and many people I love, but for the state of the world as a whole. I’m so hopeful 2017 can bring love, acceptance, and peace to our planet and all her people. 

I’m going to repeat something I did last year and do a little recap (here’s the one for 2015!) of how we spent the year. Doing these reminds me just how wonderful of a time I had and how lucky and proud I am to get to create my dream life. 



In JANUARY, we rang in the new year in Leeds, England, and later found ourselves lucky enough to visit gorgeous Dorset and the Jurassic Coast of England. We also launched The Life Bohemian podcast, which has been hands down the most fun project I’ve ever worked on.


FEBRUARY saw us still in chilly England, this time exploring West Bexington, Woking, Oxford, Cambridge, and hunting for Brad and Angie (RIP) in Surrey. I took the train into London and had a wonderful solo day, then tea with my friend Helen at Instagram darling Sketch.


In MARCH, Jeremy and I went to London together, then sailed from Ipswich, England to Hoek van Holland, Netherlands. We then took the train to Amsterdam, and stayed in an Airbnb owned by a family with 6 chihuahuas. Heaven! In late March, we flew to Italy and finally saw some sun.


APRIL saw the start of our extensive Italian tour, starting with a housesit we did in Zagarolo. We visited Tivoli, Rome, Villa d’Este and Lago Albano. Spring in Italy was seriously delightful! In late April, we met up with my amazing friend Melissa for a trip through Rome and the Vatican, plus Positano and Capri.


MAY meant more Italy (can there ever be too much Italy?!). We spent time in Florence, Verona, Lake Garda, Lake Como, and Milan. Love affair with Italy: check! At the end of May, we flew to Mykonos, Greece over Memorial Day weekend.


JUNE really kicked off our summer in the Mediterranean. We fell in love with the blue and white of Mykonos and sailed to Santorini for those famous sunsets. My mom met us in Santorini, and together we all went down to Cyprus. The island was beautiful, and we loved Paphos, Larnaca, Nicosia, and Agia Napa.


In JULY, we sadly left Cyprus, put my mom on a plane to explore Italy solo, and headed up to Bulgaria. We explored Sofia and all her lions (lions are the symbol of the city!). After that, we took a (truly horrific ugh) train ride up to Romania.


AUGUST brought our first time at the Black Sea! We dipped our toes in for a great way to spend our last few days in Romania. We flew out of Bucharest, spent 8 quick hours in Belgrade, Serbia, then flew on to uber sunny Split, Croatia.


We started the month of SEPTEMER island hopping in Croatia, drinking all the coffee and swimming until my arms and legs nearly fell off. We took the train to Slovenia, where we both instantly fell in love with Ljubljana. We celebrated our birthdays in Lake Bled, Slovenia, which was total magic. In late September, we took the train to Vienna, Jeremy went on a work trip to Las Vegas, and my mom and her friend Kathy came over to Austria.


In OCTOBER, we found ourselves in Bratislava, Slovakia. We also had a day where we hit Slovakia, Austria, and Hungary in the span of about 10 seconds! My mom and Kathy had to go home, and Jer and I took a quick train to Budapest. At the tail end of October, we flew out of Budapest and on to Prague.


NOVEMBER was a whirlwind! It started in the Czech Republic, then we left to meet Jeremy’s parents in Germany. We embarked on the most epic of road trips through Germany and Austria (LITERAL dreamlands!). I went on the Sound of Music tour, which has been on my bucket list for FIFTEEN YEARS! After my in-laws left, Jeremy and I enjoyed a long fondue-filled weekend in Zurich, Switzerland before taking the train up for a last horrah in our beloved France.


Early DECEMBER meant it was time to make our way home. We flew from Paris to New York, where we spent a week with my best friend and her fiance, and Jeremy finally got to go to New York City. We made it home to Colorado where I got my Christmas wish when we celebrated the holidays with both mine and Jeremy’s entire families.


Oh man! I find myself really lacking adjectives to accurately convey this past year. It was wonderful and crazy and a whirlwind, and all I could have imagined. (If you want to see more, follow along with me on Instagram.)

The best part of it all was getting to do all this with the two things I love most: Jer and Lilly.


Cheers to closing this chapter and starting a new one. Let’s do this 2017!

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