St. George, Utah

After we left Moab, we made the drive down to St. George, which is in the southwest corner of Utah, about 20 minutes north of the Arizona border and about 2 hours northeast of Las Vegas. The drive took about 5 hours, but was SO gorgeous and went by very quickly.


Jeremy’s brother and his family just bought a new house in St. George, which was the whole purpose of our visit. I’m not normally the kind of person who volunteers to help others move, but I love my brother and sister in law and my nephews and neice, so I’m willing to do anything for them. (Although, they did spend time pulling weeds in the front yard and I weaseled my way out of that because LONG NAILS.)


The town is very small, but quaint. They had the cutest vintage store called Urban Renewal, and a Daylight Donuts, along with about a million other little restaurants and cafes I wanted to try, like Bear Paw Cafe. But the real draw, in my opinion, isn’t restaurants or shops, it’s the scenery.


One of the most beautiful parts of the town was Snow Canyon State Park.


I mean, just look at this view!


But hands down, my favorite part of this area was the Kayenta neighborhood. The homes were my favorite type, the ones that blend seamlessly into their surroundings.


And it doesn’t hurt that the surroundings they blended into looked like this:


On the way back, we stopped at several pull offs (they are plentiful in Utah), and just stood for a few minutes to admire how beautiful this state is.


NOTE: We stayed in our family’s guest room, but if I didn’t know anyone in town, I’d try out the Red Mountain Resort for their majorly excellent location.

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