Dallas Comes To Denver

When I lived in Dallas, I was very lucky to find so many wonderful girlfriends. Distance now separates us, and it can be difficult to remain close and in touch, but if there’s anything I’ve learned over the past couple of years, it’s this: people are what matter. Nothing else is as important as the relationships we cultivate with others. Choosing people who make us feel loved and accepted for who we are, and giving that same love and acceptance in return.

So when my people called and said they wanted to have a girl’s weekend/reunion up in Colorado, I was quick to pull out all the stops.


I got us a cozy cabin in the mountains and hoped for snow. That didn’t happen at all; in fact, we had full on springtime weather. And we all panted our way up and down the hill from the cabin, and there was no cell service, but it was still a blast! I also got us an adorable Airbnb in Denver, so we could see the city a bit.


The entire weekend was filled with what we do best: eat! Mexican food, açai bowls, pasta with artichoke hearts, guacamole and hummus, carmel apples, truffle popcorn, huge breakfast spreads, and coffee. So. Much. Coffee.


We also watched a hearty amount of Netflix (true crime, all day every day), explored Boulder, shopped and shopped (we probably bought out the state’s entire stock of facial mists), and of course, laughed so hard we almost cried (multiple times).

We didn’t take a ton of pictures (imagine getting a single picture where 6 girls are happy with the outcome!), but we did get this one and I love it SO MUCH.


The snow we’d hoped for arrived 2 days after the girls left, and I’m still sad they’re gone. We’re already planning our next trip, and it can’t come soon enough.

Their visit reminded me of a quote that’s gotten me through some tough goodbyes over the past few years of travel: “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”



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