We’re Going On A Road Trip!

What’s more classic than the great American road trip? Not a whole lot.


When we were overseas, Jer and I got tons of questions about the US and different parts of it, where we’d been, etc. There were countless times people mentioned places they’d been, but I’d never even heard of! How could these amazing places be in my own back yard and I’d never been there?

Originally, we just started putting stars on a map of the places we’d like to go, but when we looked up, we had stars in 44 of the 50 states. So, we just decided what the hell, we’ll just go ahead and hit all 48 contiguous states.

It’s going to go a little like this:


A couple of years ago, the idea of a road trip would be the very least appealing thing I could have ever imagined. I’m working on my hatred of being in the car for long stretches, and I’ll probably battle motion sickness quite often, but I’m excited about seeing parts of the country I haven’t ever been to. We’ll get those last 2 states eventually (not going to lie, taking Jer to Hawaii, and the two of us going to Alaska together for the first time is something I’m REALLY looking forward to!).

We’ve got friends and family scattered across the country and will mix in time at their houses with Airbnbs and the occassional hotel. We’re meeting up with old friends, new friends, and friends from this very blog that we’ve never actually met.

We’ll probably end up tweaking that map here and there, make more stops than we planned on, pull off the side of the road to see the World’s Largest Ball of Twine in Kansas, the Mitchell Corn Palace in South Dakota, Seven Magic Mountains in Nevada, and Carhenge in Alliance, Nebraska.

So if you’ve got any places we just HAVE to go – I’m looking for kitschy, ironic, weird, quirky, wonderful – please please please let us know!

7 thoughts on “We’re Going On A Road Trip!

      1. Is there anywhere I can follow your trip? When are you hitting the road? Do not forget Pie Town, White Sands and Carrizozo Malpais, New Mexico, Antelope Canyon, AZ, both lower and upper (Upper is better), and stay a in the Space hotel at Gila Bend, AZ is a must (close to Organ pipe National Park.) Bodie, CA is good and so is Tombstone, AZ. If you get in the neighborhood of Franconia have a look around, although its nicer in the autumn. Catskill Mountains are good. lots of Dutch tales and Washington Irving stories. Also the Salinas Valley is nice and if you’re a fan of Steinbeck you want to read some of his books again after the visit. Do not forget to visit the Steinbeck museum (Salina.) Boston is great town to just walk around in and visit the old grave yards soak up the old days do not forget a visit to Charlestown. If you go to Niagara you need your passport as the Canadian side is so much better. Do not forget to drive down from San Fran to LA via the PCH (route1) A must! Tip – do not go up from LA. Coming down is better as you will have the sea on your side of the car easy for pulling over for that photo or two. Have a good run-around and above all enjoy. Greetings, Leen


      2. Hi Leen! WOW, thank you so much for all your advice! Such great ideas and I really appreciate you taking the time to share them with us. We’ve already hit the road, started in early April and have done Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, New Mexico, and Texas so far! I update here as often as I can, but the best place would probably be on Instagram, my username is “katiekloberdanz” and I post there often (maybe too much!). Thanks again!


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