Kansas City, Missouri

Since we’re on our road trip, we want to hit all 48 continential state this year. Some of the states were going to be a little tough, since our path was sort of dictated on where we had friends and family we wanted to see.

Keeping that in mind, we decided to take a quick weekend and go to Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and then back through Colorado.


We stayed in Kansas City, somewhere I’d never been before and didn’t have any expectations on.


The weather in KC wasn’t great for our visit, but since we were really only there for a very small amount of time, we tried to pack some fun stuff in. Which proved to be only slightly difficult since I have an issue with forcing Jer to stop what he’s doing so I can take photos of plants.


We went to Goat Hill Coffee and Soda, then drove around the city.


We made a second stop at Quay Coffee (caffeine addicts!), then went over to Füd for their jalapeño corn poppers with cashew cheese dip. OMG. SO GOOD.

We also went to the Kansas City Public Library and the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.


They had a beautiful sculpture garden out front, including this crazy glass maze.


It was hard to take photos of (obviously, being a giant maze made of see-through walls), but it was very cool. That “please move slowly” sign? Jer should have paid more attention, because he hit his knee pretty hard on a glass wall.

After wandering around the museum, we went over to do a little shopping. I’d wanted to go to this store Varnish + Vine since I’d seen it on Instagram. It was very very cool, filled with vintage finds and cacti.


Overall, our trip to KC was short and sweet. I’d absolutely go back, mainly for those jalapeño and corn fritters (priorities).


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