Taos, New Mexico

New Mexico. I’d been so looking forward to you.

This was my first trip ever to New Mexico, and Jeremy had always told me I’d like it. He was right (I put that in bold because I don’t say it often and it needed emphasis.)

Our drive down was beautiful in itself, we passed through southern Colorado and the snowy mountins, and progressively gained a more “southwestern” vibe. Desert views, towering cacti, adobe style living, and sweet teepees were what I imagined for New Mexico, and it’s exactly what I got.


Since we weren’t going to ski, my main objective (and this seems to be a theme) was to simply roam around with my camera (which is my iPhone 7+). And I have to say, I couldn’t have made a better plan.


We stayed in a wonderful little place that had some really great angles against the blue sky.


Taos was beautiful. The sunsets from our balcony over the hills were breathtaking, and the stars! So many stars!


I wouldn’t say downtown Taos is much to write home about, but we did see tons of little details that just made my day.


I kept thinking how much I’d love to come back with my mom and my brother, because I know they’d love it as much as I did!



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