Santa Fe, New Mexico

My mom had flat out told me I’d love Santa Fe. She was right! (I’ve been saying that a lot lately, especially about New Mexico).


Santa Fe was so fun! Quirky, and beautiful, and exactly what I wanted to see! Plus, TURQUOISE EVERYWHERE! YES!


One of my favorite things about Santa Fe was just strolling around and window shopping. This was a true test, because we travel out of carry ons, therefore can’t be stuffing them with giant, heavy, turquoise pieces, or Mexican striped blankets.


We stayed a little bit outside of town, off of Highway 14, which is also known as the Turquoise Trail.


We drove down the Turquoise Trail, phones without service, vague directions (“right past the second sculpture garden and just before the scenic pull off”), we finally pulled in to the most adorable adobe.


The adobe backed up to the hills, where Jer and I would get up early and hike up to fly our drone.


I was so happy to catch this sweet little moment between these two:


One of my favorite things about this time of year is that all the flowers are in bloom. I stopped at every single plant.


Thank you for the amazing time, Santa Fe, we’ll do our best to be back soon!


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