Roswell, New Mexico

After Taos and Santa Fe, we decided to drive through Roswell on our way to South Texas. I LOVE aliens and UFOs and anything universe-y and extraterrestrial-y. So naturally, Roswell was very high up on my list.


We were trying to make good time on our drive to Texas, so we only had a little bit to spend in Roswell. Turns out, it was all we needed. I hate to say this, but I was sort of disappointed in Roswell. They’ve got the claim to fame (read here if you don’t know about the 1947 incident) and could really capitalize on that and go all out.

But the museum and the shops all seemed old and run down. I just really felt they could have done a much better job getting people in on the crazy.

Since there’s next to nothing to do in Roswell, I’ll just show you a small sampling of the alient related things around town.


The International UFO Museum and Research Center was so bad, it was almost good.


If you’re in to aliens and want to see Roswell for yourself, don’t plan on spending too much time there. Check it out on a road trip around New Mexico, just to say you did it!


Although, I will give them credit, they had a Starbucks and dogs are allowed in the UFO Museum. Silver linings.

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