Texas Forever

To me, Texas is where I feel most at home. I wasn’t born there, but the best thing about Texas is that they’ll adopt you pretty quickly. We just finished spending a month there and it just FLEW by.


One of our favorite things was just to drive around our favorite neighborhoods and talk about our future home plans (if we ever manage to settle down…).


We spent some time down south of Austin, where the wildflowers were abundant and the longhorns were super cute.


We stayed with my friend Caitlin and her family out by the lake, and had the very BEST time. I was devestated to leave their house, and we planned several joint vacations for the near future.


We got to visit so many of our friends that still live here, there were dinners and cupcakes and most importantly, a visit to the Fried Pies For All foodtruck, which my friend Roberta owns. Their pies are OUT OF THIS WORLD, and Roberta is the most wonderful woman!


And there was shopping. TONS of shopping. Plus, you know I’d never leave Dallas without several visits to my beloved Gypsy Wagon.


Ok, going through all these images has made me very sad, so I’ll stop now. Just know that if you live in Texas, you’re lucky. But for now, it’s back to the road…


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