New Orleans, Louisiana

Full disclosure: I’m not planning on spending much more of my days in New Orleans. It wasn’t my favorite place. I know some people love it and if you are one of those people, I’d LOVE you to tell me what you like about the city and what I should do if I ever make it back!

That being said, the two days we were there was a perfect amount of time. We got to enjoy quite a large amount of beignets and frozen coffee and I got to go to tons of art galleries. When you add those three things together, it’s essentially my ideal day. (Except I do wish this ideal day occured somewhere with a lower humidity percentage…)


I will say New Orleans looked exactly like how I’d expected. We spent most of our time in the French Quarter, and really enjoyed the Spanish Colonial homes. Does anything beat a gorgeous balcony?!


Plus, it was nice to see the palm trees and the flowers in bloom!


Oh! And we stayed in a very cool shotgun house, which you can learn more about here.

5 thoughts on “New Orleans, Louisiana

  1. I wasn´t exactly enchanted when I went to New Orleans myself. It was a nice city with lots of different people, but I really don´t have to go back. The southern heat combined with the humidity is a killer tho. Stay cool!


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