Hello Florida

After New Orleans, we made our way into Florida. We had several stops we wanted to make, including 30A, Sanibel and Capitva Island, Fort Myers Beach, Naples, Key West, Islamorada, and Palm Beach.

Growing up on the East Coast, we went to Florida a lot. Maybe my memory is bad, but I just don’t remember it being this gorgeous! We found rustling palm trees, wide shady streets, powdery white sand, bright blue water, and vibrant bougainvillea.

Our first stop was the wonderful 30A. In the past couple years, I’d seen 30A pop up all over Instagram. The pictures looked beautiful, but I tend to take everything on Insta with a grain of salt (it is only the very best little sliver of anything) so I didn’t go in with any expectations.

Well, 30A blew me away. It was the piece of Florida we visited that both Jer and I found most appealing.


The sand was white and soft, and the water really was this blue! We also spent some time in “downtown” Seaside, where they have the absolute cutest little post office ever.


I would NOT hesitate to come back to 30A, rent a little house, get a turquoise bike with a basket for Lilly, and just disappear into the beautiful sunsets.


Our next stop was further down south, in Fort Myers. (We basically did a “U” shape around the state of Florida, starting in 30A and eventually ending in Palm Beach). We planned to stay in this area to visit Sanibel and Captiva Island, which did NOT disappoint.

Jer and I both found ourselves saying, “Ya know, maybe we could live in Naples…”, it was that pretty! I never imagined I’d be saying I could live in Florida, but we both LOVED Naples. Maybe we’d move into one of these places?


And maybe we’d get this car to scoot around in? You never know!


This adorable Jeep was outside one of my favorite places we found in Florida, RS Walsh Garden Center on Sanibel Island. The center was absolutely chock full of plants, and SO. MANY. PALMS. (Did you guys know there are more than 1,500 types of palms? Crazy!)


How gorgeous are those flowers?! I just walked around with my mouth open, so happy to have found this lush garden center.


I mean, couldn’t you live in a place that had all these palms? I didn’t count but surely at this point I’ve seen all 1,500 species, right?!

Finally, it was time to go down to Key West, which I was really excited about. However, I have to admit, both Jeremy and I were highly disappointed. Key West is nothing like how I’d imagined, and I honestly don’t get the hype. Can someone who’s into Key West get in touch with me and tell me why it gets so much good press?

I’d put so much effort into coming down to Key West (finding a place to stay that allowed dogs was a struggle, even more so than usual), and to be disappointed like that was not fun.


Maybe I was just being salty, but even the key lime pie I ate wasn’t the best slice I’ve ever had (although the building was very cute and aptly colored!).


The plants were still lush and the palm trees were abundant, which made me feel better of course, but overall, just not a place I’m going to pursue going back to anytime soon.

IMG_5037IMG_5047IMG_4983FullSizeRender 3IMG_5040

Piña Colada shaved ice from this cute little truck made things a little better. As did the Hemingway look-a-like at the Hemingway House. (Maybe this was just a man with a white beard and a similar hat, but I thought it was cute nonetheless!)


On our way out of town, we stopped by the side of the Overseas Highway (also painfully underwhelming) and flew Jeremy’s drone over the water.


 I feel bad leaving this post on such a sour note, but besides Key West, we’re having the best time in Florida. It’s gorgeous and I like it here much more than I anticipated. Plus, tomorrow we leave for Cuba, so expect lots of pictures from that to come!


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