A Stop in Savannah

After Palm Beach, it was time to settle down for a little bit, which we are currently doing in North Carolina at my mom’s house. It feels strange to unpack and have a place for all your things (that isn’t a suitcase) and to wake up in the same bed for long stretches of time. The only downside is she’s dangerously close to my favorite pizza place of all time, Sir Pizza. It’s a daily struggle not to post up at their bar.

ANYWAY, on our drive up from Florida to North Carolina, we decided to stop halfway, in Savannah, Georgia. I’ve been to Savannah before, but it’s always a treat to visit because it’s just so damn beautiful. That spanish moss hanging in the trees makes me so happy!

We stopped at Back in the Day Bakery and grabbed lunch, coffee, and some pastries. (Side note: their carrot cake is to. die. for. And I normally don’t even like carrot cake!) 


Since we had Lilly with us, we took our goodies to go and headed over to Forsyth Park. We camped out under the moss-heavy trees and polished off every last bit of our meals.


It was a slight struggle to get up, but a walk around the park burned a few calories. Weird for June, it wasn’t too hot that day, only about 75 degrees. Weather perfection! We started walking from Forsyth Park towards downtown Savannah, stopping along the way to admire the gorgeous houses.


As with all the great East Coast cities, the history of Savannah is on full display. I only wish we had time to thoroughly pick through every last antique shop and photograph every last house.


But this was only a quick little pit stop en route to my home state. As we were walking back to the car, I caught the most beautiful whiff of honeysuckle. Picking little honeysuckle flowers and sucking on the stems is one of my fondest childhood memories, so it made me even more excited to get back on the road and finally be home, even if just for a little while.


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