Lake Days

Every time we’re in North Carolina, we go up to Hyco Lake. One of my mom’s best friends lives there and we always have the best time when we go up.

This year we were lucky enough to arrive shorly after her two little foals were born. Meet Joy and Dee:


After we’d all sufficently ooh-ed and ahh-ed over the babies, we headed down to the boathouse.


We spent our days swimming and floating and kayaking and paddleboarding. The best part was when Lilly tried her hand at paddleboarding and LOVED it!


Jeremy’s favorite activity at the house is diving off the dock. He’s so good at it!


Overall, we love our days at Hyco. It’s so peaceful and quiet, there’s no loud music or boats tied together or boozy adventures. Just me and my family relaxing and enjoying our time together(man, do I sound old or what?!).


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