The Greenbrier Resort, West Virginia

The Greenbrier is affectionately known as “America’s Resort.” Since we’re currently on an American road trip, America’s Resort would be a good stop.

Now, my preferred interior design aesthetic is very minimalistic and ultra modern. I like white, symmetrical spaces without anything on the counters, super high ceilings, stark white walls, lots of windows, sleek concrete floors, and low-to-the-ground furniture. However, the insane colorful inside of The Greenbrier is enough to make even the most dedicated Scandi design nut contemplate changing their mind.

Just look at this place! The color! The pattern mixing! The carpet!


Since it was mid-summer, the flowers were gorgeous. I’d estimate my phone’s camera roll is 85% flower photos and the other 15% is Lilly. I ALWAYS lag behind because I’ve stopped to take pictures of flowers. A bonus in summer is the ridiculous amounts of hydrangeas everywhere!


One of the best things about the Greenbrier is its history. The resort is located in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia and has a sulphur spring in the center of the property. In 1778, visitors starting coming to this spring, signaling the beginning of the history of The Greenbrier. Twenty-six past presidents have stayed here, not to mention the parties that were hosted on property, including what looked like a total rager with an invite list including Alexander Hamilton (widely known as the most attractive founding father – check a $10 for proof!) and his wife, Eliza (anyone else just INSANE for Hamilton: An American Musical?!).


Ok, anyway, once you recover from the resort’s rich history, there is SO much to do. They do have 11,000 acres after all. You never even need to leave. Tennis, croquet, long walks around the property: three of my favorite things!


When you get too hot from practicing your backhand (it is July after all), a peach tea from Draper’s will do the trick. Luckily, there’s a million adorable places to take a seat and relax.


This yellow and green room with the black and white tiled floors was my favorite spot in the entire hotel. It was SO colorful and bright, it made me smile automatically. Plus right outside was a little private courtyard where there never seemed to be a single other person.


Overall, The Greenbrier is one of the best hotels I’ve been to. It’s hard to beat the history and Dorothy Draper design. Plus, there’s tons of activities to do, or you can just lounge around the pool and relax, whichever you prefer.


Oh, and while you’re on the property, make sure to take a peek inside the chapel. Right when you open the door, it doesn’t look like too much, but there are gorgeous stained glass windows (stained glass hygrangeas!) and two rows of glittering chandeliers!


Saying goodbye to The Greenbrier was tough, but I’m thinking we’ll make a summer weekend visit mandatory every year…

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