Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Ahhh Cape Cod. You magic little sliver of land, you. And in the summer? Just wonderful!

Our friends have a summer house in Mashpee, and invited us up to spend some time with them and their two darling boys.


Jer has never been to New England with the exception of a small amount of time in NYC 6 months ago, but still I don’t think he’d say spending time with us was his favorite part, I think he’d say flying his drove over the water would top his list.



Speaking of the water, it was so relaxing to wake up every morning with a gorgeous view over the sound. (And quality coffee never hurts either!)


Jer may have been thrilled playing with his drone, but by far my favorite part of the Cape (besides our friends, duh!) was the hydrangeas. As one of my favorite flowers, I was just over the moon to see them in such abundance. Even after I’d left, my friend kept sending me pictures and I’d just gasp with joy!


As a couple who is having real trouble deciding where to live (which is part of the reason we’re doing this road trip, to see if we fall in love with anywhere could see ourselves living there in the future), hypothetical house hunting is one of our favorite past times.


Wherever we land, I’m going to make sure we have hydrangeas. And hot pink spray roses, I’m not biased!


The wonderful part about summer in the northeast is that I could actually pull out a sweater! We sat outside most nights for dinner and some highly competitive rounds of Scattergories. The weather was perfectly crisp, and we bundled up for boat rides too.


Is there anything better than being on the water in summer? I doubt it!

A huge thanks to our beautiful, luminous, insanely talented writer, and best of all, friend Alaina who invited us up to her summer home for one of the best weeks I’ve had in quite some time.

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