Summer Days in the Catskills

I’ve mentioned this before, but my best friend Katie lives in a absolutely tiny town in New York‘s Catskills. What these towns lack in size, they make up for in personality.


You know those places where the winters are brutal but you push through it because the summers are so wonderful? Well, the Catskills are it.

This area is growing rapidly, and there are tons of adorable homes for sale that would be incredible once they’re all fixed up. In fact, I found this Vogue article, where Sunrise Ruffalo (wife to actor Mark and one of the Callicoon’s best ambassadors) shares some of her favorite Catskill spots.


One of my favorite things about this whole area is that it’s a true community feel. Bethel Woods is just down the road (home of the most epic music festival ever, Woodstock), wooden peace signs are prominent in neighborhood yards, the only choice is to shop local (not that I mind, see Vogue article above!), restaurants are farm to table by default, and the farmer’s market is by far the most popular spot in town.


We’ve been spending A LOT of time outside, having picnics by the Delaware River, sitting water side while the pups swim.


There’s also this great little space called Domesticities and The Cutting Garden, which has a huge garden with pick-them-yourself wildflowers.


And just down the road is Trout Town, USA which means Jeremy is in total heaven.


I’m enjoying slowing down and seeing the amazing little things I can find in small town life, like this precious guard kitty at the downtown antique shop. There’s also a mother deer and her two babies (they still have their spots!) who visit the backyard every morning!


But of course the very best part is spending quality time with my best friend in the weeks leading up to her wedding. Invaluable!


12 thoughts on “Summer Days in the Catskills

  1. Both my husband I grew up in and around Callicoon. I opened my first business here at 25. I thought to leave, but the beauty and kind folks keep me here. @bethbrealtor #LOVEWHEREILIVE #SellingTheFArm


  2. Thanks for including my shop (“Sometimes a Great Notion”) and Buster in your wonderful Callicoon photo-essay!!! Best, Sylvia


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