Coastal Maine

So far, we’re 30 states into our USA road trip. The states I’d always been most looking forward were Maine and Montana.

Unfortunately, we were gifted with not-so-great weather while we were up in Maine, with our last day being the exception (of course!). Every other day was rainy and chilly and cloudy, and then on the day we’re supposed to go back to New York, BAM, perfect gorgeous sunny weather. Oh well, we still had a good time! We still ate tons of lobster, we still saw lighthouses, we still drove up and down the coast with our mouths hanging open.


The pit stop that was most important was to The Holy Donut. They make Maine potato donuts in all sorts of different flavors. We got mable bacon, lemon, blueberry, and dark chocolate sea salt. I’m drooling right now just thinking about it.


We made it to Kennebunkport and immediately stopped for lobster rolls. Not that we needed them after the donuts, but still, I never let being full get in the way of a good meal.


It seemed pretty much everyone knew Kennebunkport is the place to be. It’s small and charming, which is exactly how I like my towns.


Since the weather was bad, the little shops were busier than I normally like, but all in all, Kennebunkport was just as expected – very, very, quintessentially cute.


After the rain stopped, we ran to the car and finally escaped the people in town to head towards the water.


As soon as we got out to Biddeford, I was in love. Even in the rain, it was perfect. Biddeford Pools turned out to be my absolute favorite place we visited. We even went back the next day, because as soon as I woke up and saw that the sun was shining, I knew I needed to go again and have lobster by the ocean.


I want to come back when the weather is better and stay at Black Point Inn in Scarborough. It was such a great setup, and they require tennis whites on their court, which immediately gives them a leg up.


Hygrangeas and adirondack chairs overlooking the ocean, what could be better!


When the weather finally started to cooperate, we went over to Cape Elizabeth. I needed to see lighthouses, it was mandatory!


Imagine my delight when we walked up to the Portland Head Lighthouse and saw this:


Finally, the weather was absolutely gorgeous, a balmy 75º and sunshine.


MAINE, you did not disappoint!

6 thoughts on “Coastal Maine

  1. Stunning photos! So glad you had that one good day to preserve your memories of the trip. I especially like the photo of the yellow flowers with the lighthouse blurred out in the background.


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