The Catskills, NY

How many times am I going to tell you how amazing the Catskills are before you come up here and see it for yourself? Am I convincing enough? Maybe a little listie of all the things that I’ve loved doing up here will finally get the ball rolling?

Jer has taken it upon himself to become a Catskills ambassador, making friends with every one in town, attending BBQs, kayaking and fishing the Delaware River, and hunting for a summer house of his own. I’d be quite surprised if he didn’t throw his name in the hat for mayor.

Ok, anyway, on with a list of things I’ve enjoyed most over this summer!



Small Towns – This is my favorite “activity”. The towns up here are small, so you can easily hit them all and enjoy some small town life. Some of the best are: Narrowsburg, Callicoon, Hancock, Jeffersonville, Obernburg, White Lake, Honesdale, Roscoe, and Kingston.

2 Queens Coffee and Honey – We get their coffee and iced tea at the Callicoon farmer’s market every Sunday and it is DELICIOUS. Check here for where their coffee and honey is sold!


Sunny’s Callicoon Pop – I’m not sure if the shop is only open for Summer 2017, but it’s worth a visit for the space itself and the cute t-shirts.

The Museum at Bethel Woods – The site of Woodstock in 1969, Bethel Woods is still a concert venue, but it’s worth a trip to their museum if you’re interested in music history.

Willow Wisp Organic Store – Willow Wisp has a spot at the farmer’s market, but that’s only once per week. If you need fresh, organic, local produce the other days, they’ve just opened a little shop in “downtown” Callicoon.

Farmer’s Markets – Speaking of markets, there’s nothing better to do on a Sunday morning than join all your fellow small towners and hit the farmer’s market for food and flowers (and people watching).

Clove & Creek – This is just a really, really cool store. They’ve got coffee (which is always a plus) and they sell local artisian gifts.


Upper Delaware River – This really should be the cornerstone for any Catskills trip. It is SO beautiful, and the perfect place for kayaking (rent kayaks from Landers), fishing, tubing, and swimming. Keep your eyes out for bald eagles too.


Skinners Falls – On the Delaware, this is my favorite place on the river because there are tons of flat rocks to spread out a picnic, dogs are welcome, you can wade in the water, and the view is to die for.

Trout Town, USA – Jeremy is a huge fishing lover, so he’s been on the river near constantly. Luckily, Roscoe is known as Trout Town, USA and is the well-located home of world class fishing.

Tennanah Lake Golf and Tennis Club – This whole region has some great golf courses (French Woods is another),

Lazy Fox New York –  A good place for cute little trinkets and jewelry. You can stop in while you’re waiting for your order at Bá & Me, they’re steps from each other in Callicoon.

North Branch Inn – A perfect place to stop for a nice dinner. Their menu changes weekly and they have supper clubs in the summer.


Handsome Hollow – The most beautiful wedding venue ever! HH in Long Eddy is set in a gorgeous field, and even if you don’t know anyone getting married there, they have a charming little shop on site (Rifle Paper Co., Mar Y Sol, etc.) and the owners (Kate and Huck) are wonderful.

Western Hotel – You can’t miss the Western if you’re in Callicoon, it’s the bit yellow hotel with a cute balcony and cafe out front. Be sure to check their opening hours, they’re a bit quirky.


Callicoon Theater – I’d been told the popcorn at the theatre in Call was the very best, and that turned out to be totally true. You can pop right inside and buy it without a movie ticket too.


Domesticities and The Cutting Garden – Ann runs The Cutting Garden and the adjacent store Domesticities, which sells antiques. The best part though is that you can wander around the garden and cut your own bouquets.

Welsh Cabin – I’m highly partial to the Cabin since my best friend is married to the owner’s son, but also because they have Wing Wednesday, and anyone that does that, I support.


Café Adella Dori – I started working from the coffee shop in Callicoon when I was having some internet issues at the house, and it was so wonderful. The internet is annoying (you only get an hour free, then you have to finagle your wifi to log on for another hour), but their coffee popsicles are tasty and their chicken salad is some of the best I’ve ever had.

Bá & Me – I’ve yet to met a single person who doesn’t dig Vietnamese food. These guys make a truly delicious rice bowl as well as spring rolls and . The Callicoon shop is only open on weekends and has a couple of outdoor tables, and the Honesdale location is open all week with inside seating if you just can’t wait.

The Clair Inn & Cafe – A great stop for coffee on the porch on your way through the little towns.

Local Table & Tap – If you can’t tell already, pretty much everything revolves around the Delaware. Local is a good place to get dinner overlooking the river. And it’s close to Bethel Woods so you can grab a bite before a concert or movie on pavilion.

Brandenburg Bakery – Breads and cakes, all under one heavenly roof. Enough said.


Now, where to stay. I stayed with my best friend Katie, but if I was coming up without a bestie with plenty of guest rooms, I’d choose one of these amazing properties featured in Condé Nast.

Or, if you want to go the Airbnb route, our friend Halle also has an 1880’s farmhouse she renovated that would provide some major decompression and design envy. Or you can find a house on VRBO, like this one Katie’s aunt had for the week after the wedding (it’s even for sale if you’re inspired to put down some roots!). The view out over the river was incredible!


Ok, so on second thought, Katie and I should just run off to one of these great places and leave all the guys to their never-ending fishing trips…

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