Turquoise Lake, Colorado

My mother is famous for saying that everything in life has its season. I usually make fun of her for this, not because she’s wrong, but because I’m her only daugther so that’s my obligation.

But she is right. Life runs in seasons. And the season I’m in right now is one of stress and heaviness. Stress is not an emotion I deal with often, it’s just not really in my nature. However, the past couple of months, stress seems to be all I know. Things are starting to look up, but for a time there I was really struggling.

After we left New York, we did a big power drive back to Colorado for a bit of a re-group. While we were in town, Jeremy and I took a trip up into the mountains with a friend, to Turquoise Lake.


The guys brought their fishing gear and I brought a book (And Then Everything Changed by my wonderfully talented friend Alaina Isbouts). I set up a chair, wrapped myself and Lilly in a blanket, and read. It was silent. There were zero noises aside from the water lapping on the shore of Turquoise Lake and the cold wind rustling the Aspen trees.


The combination of the stillness of the lake and the silence around me was invaluable. The leaves were starting to change, resulting in the start of a stunning fall landscape.


In the many hours I spent ouside, I didn’t think of all the work on my plate, I took a break from all the horrible news stories lately, and I didn’t spend time in sadness over personal disappointments. I just sat, felt the sun on my face, and disappeared into my book.


I left the lake feeling more peaceful than I have in quite some time. The heaviness is starting to lift, and I know I’ll feel like myself again soon. Sometimes there’s nothing better than a little fresh air therapy.

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