Rogue Valley, Oregon

It’s always so nice when you have friends in the states you’re passing through. When your friend comes with the sweetest boyfriend and has 5 dogs, it’s even nicer.


Jer and I stayed with our friends in a part of Oregon he’d never been to, the Rogue Valley. This was my first trip to Oregon ever, so it was a treat to stay in an area so beautiful.


As a plant lover, I was also very happy to see their yard still filled with summer flowers. Can you believe these hot pink hydrangeas?!


We rode ATVs up into the woods behind their house, up to a lookout point. Sunset from this spot overlooking the hills was a relaxing way to end the day.


My favorite moment was when we went out to Squaw Lakes. The last few miles of the drive was on a winding dirt road, so I was pretty sure it would be nice and quiet when we got there.


The weather was crisp, and we saw maybe 2 other people the whole time, so we got to really enjoy ourselves and devour the bag of snacks we brought along. 🙂


Thank you McKenna and Tyler for letting us stay and introducing us to the Rogue Valley (oh, and for starting to read this blog!).

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