Joshua Tree National Park, California

We’re reallllly working that National Park pass. One of the perks is that you don’t have to really make any sort of huge thing out of a park visit. You can go in and out and back in as many times as you’d like. It takes the pressure off a bit.

While we were in Palm Springs, we drove out of Joshua Tree. As a lover of the desert, I was really excited. Especially after Glacier, I knew the landscape would be drastically different.


We passed through the little towns leading from Palm Springs to Joshua Tree and finally starting seeing the namesakes pop up.


The park was gorgeous. You could see for what seemed like miles, out over the moutains and the thousands of joshua trees.


My favorite part of the park was the Cholla Cactus Garden. “Fuzzy” cacti for miles!


Again, it was nice to be there on a weekday, in the middle of the day. We had the roads to ourselves, perfect for skateboarding!


I’d recommend a day trip out to Joshua Tree for anyone in Palm Springs. It might be a bit far from LA for a day trip, but if you really love the desert, go ahead and make the drive. And if you really wanna go all out, get tickets to Coachella and make us all jealous.

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