Southern Utah

As you guys know, Jeremy’s brother and his family live in St. George, Utah, which is a very gorgeous slice of the southwest. While we were staying with them, we went to the Grand Canyon, which was a highlight for me!

Up until about a year ago, I’d never paid much attention to Utah (mistake!) and I’m not sure I’d even heard of St. George. If Utah could be in your future, I’d suggest visiting the southwest corner. You could easily fly into Las Vegas and make the drive, especially because it looks like this:



While we were in town, we went to Zion National Park. Over this road trip, I’ve been to my fair share of National Parks, and I wasn’t overly impressed with Zion. Not that the scenery was lacking but it was very crowded and they had an elaborate bus system that meant we spent more time waiting in line and riding the buses than actually exploring the park. Bummer.




I’ve talked about this before, but the Kayenta development in St. George is my favorite. It’s quiet and so scenic. It was especially cool this time because we flew the drone over it and got a completely different viewpoint.



Since we were with family, we did all those lovely fall things, like a pumpkin patch and corn maze! (Although I quit the corn maze about 10% of the way through because I was ill equipped in the shoe department – surprise, surprise!)


Another cool fall activity, the school was showing Mamma Mia in their outdoor auditorium. Dream setting!


Nothing’s better than the Southwest!


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