Art Show in New Orleans

Do you guys know Kurt Pio? He’s an incredibly talented artist and his Diamonds Series has been steadily gaining popularity.

A good friend of mine had just been involved in the design of a room showcased in the New York Times, which included a gorgeous Kurt Pio Diamond. She sent me to a gallery in New Orleans, the only place in the United States that shows Kurt’s work (he’s based in South Africa).

When we were in town a few months ago, Jeremy and I stopped by Gallery Orange to meet Jamie. We had a great chat, browsed the gallery, and went on our way.


But I couldn’t get the diamonds out of my mind, and had to have one of my own. (That’s her below! Isn’t she just life changing?!)


Coincidentally, around the same time my piece was due to be delivered from South Africa, Kurt was doing a solo show at the gallery. My good friend Caitlin agreed to come to New Orleans with me last weekend for the opening reception.



We had the BEST time! Meeting Kurt was wonderful, he’s very kind and so appreciative that people enjoy his work.






And of course, we were in New Orleans, so there were a couple of thing we just had to do. I know it’s touristy and the lines are always long, but I don’t care, I consider Café du Monde to be a must. My go-to order is beignets and an frozen café au lait and it is SO good.



You know when you have a bag full of leftover powdered sugar that you made the right call.


I like to take mine and go across the street to Jackson Square. It’s a much prettier place to sit than on the overcrowded Café du Monde patio.



I’ve said this before, but for me, New Orleans is like NYC or Vegas, I can only really spend 2 or 3 days there before I’m ready to go. Which is pretty convenient because we had 2 days and did juuuust enough.




Caitlin and I both agreed our favorite store was KREWE. Their sunglasses are designed in the workshop above their store on Royal, and are so cool.  Their store was sunny and gorgeous.


I also loved this sweet sign we saw at Cake Café and Bakery. Honestly, I’d recommend Cake Café overall.  They had incredible boudin and biscuits, and we took some cupcakes to go which was one of the best ideas I’ve ever had.


Every single person we met in New Orleans was just wonderful, including all my friends at Gallery Orange, and I got my artwork, so can you really ask for more than that on a trip?!

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