Aspen, Colorado

Last weekend, Jeremy and I went up to Aspen together. We had a hell of time getting up into the mountains as I70 was closed and we had to sit on the highway with our fellow mountain travelers for 5 hours. FIVE HOURS. Of standstill traffic. One guy pulled a full pizza out of his trunk and I’ve never been so jealous!

We persevered though, because, well, as anyone who’s ever spent time in the Rockies knows, it’s well worth it.

At the risk of sounding like I’m going on and on about the Rockies, I’ll just say they’re basically perfect. There’s a mountain town for just about everyone, and Aspen is one of the best. At its heart, it’s a ski bum town that just happens to have a Gucci. The sky is blue, the air is crisp, and there are enough incredible restaurants to easily fill a month.


It was nice to get a little weekend to relax before the holidays really get going, just the two (well, three) of us!




As a Colorado born pup, Lilly’s used to roaming around in the snow, keeping her fluffy tail high and her puffer coat on.


Our resort had the most wonderful hiking trails and a gorgeous river walk.






We couldn’t have asked for a better weekend, the weather was perfect, below freezing temperatures, but with the sun shining!





Of course the shopping in Aspen is excellent, with my favorite Moncler as the crown jewel.



Ok, actually, maybe the crown jewel was the Aspen Art Museum, her latticed facade glittering in the mid-day sun.


After long days in the sun and snow, we spent our nights in my favorite way: going overboard on the room service menu. Their charcuterie board had the most delicious sage derby I’ve ever tasted!


The perfect little intro to the holiday season!


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