Last Week in Colorado

Where is this year going? How does the time keep moving so fast? I feel like just yesterday we set out on our road trip, and now it’s over and we’ve already left Colorado for the year.

Our last couple of weeks in Colorado were filled with seeing our friends, spending time with family over Thanksgiving, and exploring the area we love so much.

Over Thanksgiving, we rented a big house with room enough for the whole family. We sat in front of our fireplace, watched Christmas movies on Netflix, and ate our weight in charcuterie and casseroles.



We had a big, bright bathroom where I could take long hot baths in the sunshine with a good book.


The house has the sweetest sheep next door, who would always pop their heads up whenever we went outside with Lilly.



We also went into Rocky Mountain National Park, somewhere that is so wonderful and so gorgeous, it’s really worth a visit.



One of the things that makes RMNP, well any national park really, great is the wildlife spotting. We saw this guy just casually strolling across the road.


In one of my favorite photos in awhile (which for someone who takes a LOT of photos, that’s saying quite a bit!), this little group was spotted taking up the whole road. A mountain commute!


Bye for now Colorado!

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