How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore
and a Scotsman, dropped in the middle of a forgotten
spot in the Caribbean by providence impoverished
in squalor, grow up to be a hero and a scholor?
The ten-dollar founding father without a father
got a lot farther by working a lot harder
by being a lot smarter, by being a self-starter…

Those are the beginning words of a song called Alexander Hamilton, the opening act of the Broadway musical about Alex’s life and bearing his name, written by the unmatched genius that is Lin-Manuel Miranda. He’s won a Pulitzer Prize, three Tony Awards, two Grammys, an Emmy, and has been nominated for an Academy Award (so close to living that EGOT life). Not to mention he’s turned a new generation on to America’s brave yet complex Founding Fathers, revolutionized the Broadway game, and garnered invaluable post-hurricane support for our fellow US citizens in Puero Rico.

I’d been DYING to see Hamilton but getting tickets isn’t the easiest thing to do. Finally, my day came and I scored 2 seats.


YOU GUYS. HAMILTON. IS. EVERYTHING. Please go see it if you can! I’m already planning my next show. (And if you have no idea what I’m talking about and think I might be a crazy person, start with the OBC soundtrack and prepare for obsession.)

Ok, so, we headed to Chicago specifically for the show. But I’d hadn’t been to the city in 15 years or so, so I had a lot of pizza to catch up on. And some other things. But mainly pizza. This is Mediterranean Bread and Pizza Pot Pies from Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Company.
Coincidentally, our friends McKenna and Tyler (who you’ll remember from when we stayed with them in Oregon) were in Chicago the same weekend. We didn’t plan it this way, but it was a very happy accident. We had our pizza pot pies together!
Since Jeremy and I love to decorate the house we don’t have, we go to Restoration Hardware a lot. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to be talked off the Cloud Couch ledge, because seriously, where would I put it?! Anyway, RH has some of the most beautiful stores you’ll ever see, they’re works of art. A friend told me about the cafe in the middle of the RH Chicago, and I knew we needed to stop by. The falling water and twinkling lights made for a very romantic dinner.
I was expecting COLD, cold Chicago winter weather. However, it was not bad at all. The weather was in the 50s and the wind wasn’t too bad. It was a nice transition into winter.
The last time I was in Chicago, the Bean (or Cloud Gate), wasn’t up yet. It’s a staple Chicago item, so we had to go see it at least once.
The city was decorated for Christmas, and Christmas is my hands-down favorite holiday, so I was overjoyed. I found this sweet lion all decked out in front of the Art Institute of Chicago. Isn’t he a doll?!
We rented a house a bit north of the city for something a little quieter, and Lilly found this gorgeous picture window to lounge in the sunshine (like mother, like daughter).
Overall, we had a short but sweet little trip. It revolved mostly around Hamilton, but we got to walk around Chicago together, which is something we’d never done.
After leaving Chicago, we headed back to North Carolina to spend the holidays with my family. If I’m honest, I’m happy to be out of the city noise and the traffic. But you all know that by “city noise,” I do NOT mean Hamilton songs! 😉

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