“There are years that ask
questions and years that answer.”

Zora Neale Hurston


How is it possible we’re already at the end of another year? I know everyone always says this, but the time just files. I’m that person that always says, “Where did this year go?!” and I start saying it in like, September.

In fact, I usually start writing these little yearly recaps (here’s 2016 and 2015) much earlier, but this year I forgot until December 20th! This year was dominated by our 48 State Road Trip, which you can read about herehere, and here. Safe to say, after 8 months driving around the country, I’m calling myself a road trip expert, so if you need any advice, I’m here for you. If you’d rather not spend 800 hours in a car, I can understand that too!



You may remember we spent last Christmas with our entire families in Colorado, so in JANUARY, we were still there, braving the cold! We visited some of our favorite places (like Garden of the Gods, Silverthorne, and Breckenridge, among others) and spent time reconnecting with our friends.



In FEBRUARY, we went over to Utah, to visit Jeremy’s brother, sister-in-law, and their 3 kids in St. George, one of my new favorite places in all of the US. We stopped in Moab and explored Arches National Park. When we got back, several of my friends from Dallas came up to Denver to visit!



In MARCH, I left for sunnier pastures, and took a nice, long tour through Los Angeles and Palm Springs with my good friend Melissa (who you may remember from our amazing trip to Rome, Positano, and Capri last year).



In APRIL, we ate way too much in Kansas City, finally made it to New Mexico (Taos, Sante Fe, and Roswell), and ended the month in my beloved Texas(Jeremy and I lived in Texas for many years together and we both have a lot of friends there, it’s very close to our hearts.) 


FullSizeRender 29

In MAY, we finished our Texas tour before leaving to eat beignets and shop for art in New Orleans. We spent the better part of the month falling in love with Florida (it’s so much better than you might think!). At the end of May, we went down to Cuba.



After returning from Cuba, we started out JUNE in beautiful Palm Beach, Florida. We traveled through Savannah, Georgia before ending up in my home state of North Carolina. At the end of June, we went back to Colorado for a sweet outdoor wedding in Estes Park.



Come JULY, it was time to pay a visit to somewhere I’d wanted to go for awhile, the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia. We spent Independence Day on the lake, of course, before making our way to Boston, and then over to visit our friends at their place on Cape Cod. At the end of July, we arrived in the Catskills, where my best friend Katie lives.



AUGUST‘s highlight was hands down my best friend’s wedding. In between wedding prep, we managed to go up the coast to Maine, and spend as much time as possible outside enjoying the Catskills and the Delaware River, including an incredible on-river solar eclipse party!

Processed with VSCO with oc preset


In SEPTEMBER, it was sadly time to leave New York and all our wonderful friends. We went back to Colorado for our very talented friend Alaina’s book release party. (It’s so good, read it!) After Colorado, we went up to South Dakota, then over to one of the most gorgeous states ever, Montana, before meeting up with our friends in Oregon.



Sweet OCTOBER! We had a LOT of fun in October, going all through our favorite parts of California, including Northern Cali which we had never done together. We also got a chance to go back to Palm Springs together and into Joshua Tree National Park. We finally made it back to Utah and were completely thrilled to visit the Grand Canyon without any other tourists around!



In NOVEMBER, I went back to New Orleans with a friend of mine to revist an art gallery we discovered the first time around. Jeremy and I also had a romantic – yet very cold! – trip to Aspen. Finally, we spent Thanksgiving in the mountains with my family.



DECEMBER meant the time had finally come to see Hamilton: An American Musical, which felt fitting after completing a year around America, and which we’d had tickets to since February! After we left Chicago happy as little clams from the show, we made it to North Carolina to hunker down and celebrate the holidays with my family.


Cheers to a beautiful 2018, I’m hopeful next year will bring joy, peace, and love to you, yours, and our world. 

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