The Ballantyne Hotel, Charlotte

This year, my best friend Katie gave us the sweetest little Christmas present, a stay at The Ballantyne Hotel in Charlotte. It was a nice getaway in between Christmas and New Year’s, an easy way to decompress.


The hotel was still decorated for Christmas, so we hung out in the lobby just to soak in the last bits of holiday decor. Jeremy also swore he saw a corgi in the lobby, but I never got to see it!


Their restaurant, The Gallery, also had some of the most delicous avocado toast I’ve ever had, with ahi tuna and radishes on top!


But the best part, to me, was that they stock Byredo products! I’d never seen Byredo (one of my favorite brands!) as a hotel body care product before, so I was delighted!



I wanted to make a few returns at Nordstrom, so we popped over to Southpark for a quick walk around. They still had Christmas decorations up too! (But it was SO CROWDED, I was reminded why I do 99.9% of my shopping online.)


After our weekend staycation was over, we drove home to the most beautiful sunset and ready for a new year.


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