Martinique, French West Indies

Jeremy and I stopped exchanging Christmas gifts (or gifts for any holiday/event actually) several years ago. Besides the fact we both have everything we could ever need, if we really do want something, we just buy it in the moment (neither of us excels at being patient!). This trend sort of spilled over to our families as well, and has evolved into us usually taking a family trip around the holidays.

We got our mountain house over Thanksgiving, then decided to cozy up and spend Christmas together at home with friends and family, and take our vacation after New Year’s instead.

It turned out to be perfect timing, as we left right before the freak bomb cyclone hit the East Coast. We left behind single digit temps and landed in the palm trees.


We had such a wonderful time with my family, doing absolutely nothing! The weather was so nice, temps in the 80s, sea breeze, occassional afternoon showers.


My brother did a bit of research of things he wanted to do on the island before we went, but honestly, I didn’t care about doing anything other than sitting by the water and reading anything but my emails. I finished 3 books while we were gone, which I feel like I never have time for at home.


Besides, the view from our house was so nice, there really wasn’t reason to move from our garden.


When I got to a stopping point in my book, I’d venture over to the pool or down to our dock for a swim or snorkel.


I was also on little lizard watch, finding tons of the green guys hanging out, and just as excited about every one as I was the first. Isn’t he so cute?!


We rented a car, so after swimming was done, we could bop around wherever we wanted. Jeremy drove and it was all windows down. The weather was just SO nice. Once in awhile, we’d squeal to a stop as another car passed (skinny back roads!) or I spotted a cat/dog/baby goat.


My mom planned a lunch for us with her friends who were also on the island. We popped over for delicious iced coffee, tartare and red snapper, and charming conversation.


Maybe it was the sun, or the saltwater, who knows, but it’s been quite some time since I’ve had a week this relaxing!


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