The Flower Of The Caribbean

“I must have flowers , always, and always.”
Claude Monet


Who doesn’t love flowers? Is there anyone? I doubt it. For me, flowers are a surefire way to bring back memories. When I close my eyes, I can smell the roses in Florence, see springtime wisteria spilling over the walls in Italy, feel Holland’s tulip bulbs heavy in my hand. Orchids take me back to my grandfather’s inpeccable greenhouse, the front walkway lined with boxwood, and a lone banana tree. The smell of honeysuckle can still stop me in my tracks, make me feel 5 years old again.

Palm trees swaying are the same way. Just seeing a photo of them gives me joy. Over the course of my life, so many memories have been made in the shade of a palm tree.


If you haven’t noticed, and you’d need to be legally blind not to, I love to take photos. And per my ramblings above, a vast majority of those photos are of plants. I go back through my photo albums from time to time and it’s the detail shots that provide the most vivid memories of a place.

In Martinique there was no shortage of plants to photograph. I’d often disappear and be found later happily snapping away.


We had the most wonderful bougainvillea bush right outside our front door, bursting with hot pink blooms despite some winter wind and frequent afternoon showers.


Speaking of our front door, I know I’ve already talked about how wonderful our house was, so I’ll spare you that again, but honestly, I could have just stayed there my entire time on the island and been perfectly content.


But alas, my family didn’t all feel the same way I did (rude!), so we did occassionally emerge from our idyllic coccoon. We had a little car, so we’d just find something on the map that looked interesting and drive that direction.

That’s how we found ourselves on a seaside drive down the west coast. We had the radio up and the windows down, just as a proper island drive should.


Turns out, listening to your family’s pleas to put down your book and hop in the car for a island drive isn’t so bad after all.


Oh, before I forget, our best meal was at La Voile at Marina de Robert. I had amazing seafood ravioli and the most incredible ceviche. I wish I could have a giant plate of their ceviche every single day.

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