Montréal, Canada

Last week, Jeremy and I went up to Montréal, Quebec. I’d been told by numerous people that I’d really like Montréal, since it was a taste of France, but close to home, AND with the addition of the most delicious food of all time, the Canadian classic poutine.


As a person in general, I’m a chronic underpacker, so I fairly often leave behind things I could actually use/need, and I have to go out and buy various things. Well, this time what I forgot was my snow boots. Definitely not the time to have forgotten them.


Even though it was very cold and I was sans snow boots, we made good time around the city. I especially liked this building below that looks like it was outfitted with lots of shiny wedding rings.


And these festive hearts outside the Museum of Fine Arts. The bottom of the poster you’re seeing is a banner about their Napolean exhibit! A must see!


And right by the cathedral above was this set of sculptures, called The English Pug and the French Poodle. Any art involving pups is right up my alley!


One of Jeremy’s favorite things is finding cool and colorful street art, and in that regard, Montréal did not disappoint. Usually we’d do something like a walking tour of all the murals, but since it was freezing, most of it was seen by car only. My personal favorite was this one, a giant wall of tropical leaves rising from the snow.


We had some incredible meals in Montréal. I tend to get into a food routine, and if I find a dish or restaurant I like (almost always Thai or Indian), I never get tired of it and I’ll keep going back until someone stops me. So it was very nice to broaden the restaurant horizon and have some fantastic food!


One of the best meals was at LOV, which is a vegan/vegetarian restaurant. Yes, the menu was phenom, but their decor was on point as well.


I mean, those green striped booths and where can I get these yellow chairs?!


Funny enough, this was the only photo we got together! The Olympics were in Montréal in 1976 and they’ve got a downtown Olympic building with a mirrored flame out front, so naturally it was the spot for a selfie. It’s not our usual couple photo, but I dig it!


We couldn’t leave Montréal without picking up some maple products. We went over to Marché Jean-Talon to shop around and picked up 3 cans of maple syrup (apparently it’s best out of a can), some maple candies, and out-of-this-world maple butter. Oh, and some Canadian bacon, because duh!


I also picked up this incredible painting from Espace Pepin. I immediately fell in love with the juxtaposition of old and new (I didn’t fall in love with the frame she was in, so the shop kindly sold it to me without the frame, and I’ll source my own).

Isn’t she a looker?! I think it’s a pretty excellent souvenir from our time in Montréal.


2 thoughts on “Montréal, Canada

  1. Amazing post and beautiful pictures! I absolutely love Montreal and try to go every once in awhile if I can swing it. So many fantastic things to see there and one of Canada’s spectacular gems.


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