St. Patrick’s Day

You guys are lucky I’m still alive. I wasn’t sure I would be around to write this because I thought I might be killed when I dared to ask what the big deal was about St. Patrick’s Day! Oops! 🙃 Now I know better!

We’d been holed up inside for weeks because of this crazy weather:


So it was very nice to get out and go to the Welsh Cabin for St. Patrick’s Day, ready to celebrate the holiday I’d just discovered!


A fire was going, and the atmosphere was warm, lively, full of laughter and life. Plus, who could resist being welcomed by this friendly (so obviously Irish!) face?! And where can I get this fancy beret?!


There was a good sized group of us, and we immediately ordered drinks and food. I don’t drink myself, but as the Guinness started flowing, with festive four leaf clovers in their foam, I felt like even I could be Irish for the day!


Food starting arriving for the table, which is when I really got excited. Warm Irish soda bread, corned beef and cabbage, loaded potato skins, crispy hot wings, bangers and mash, and shepherd’s pie. You guys. I’ve had a lot of shepherd’s pie in my life, but the shepherd’s pie I had at the Cabin was INCREDIBLE. Jeremy and I are still talking about how amazing it was all these days later, and even thinking about it right now is making my mouth water.

We hung out for hours and hours, watching people show up via snowmobiles, telling stories, taking silly photos, and listening to music.

If you’re up in the Catskills, come to the Cabin. Even if it’s not St. Patrick’s Day and you’re not dressed all in green, you’ll still have a great time. And if you’re lucky, we’ll all be there too, and we can eat hot wings and plan trips to Ireland together!


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