1,096 Days

Saturday marked 1,096 days of full time travel for me and Jer. Yes, I had to do the math on my phone and then add in the leap day. 🤷

While looking for pics for this 3 year anniversary post, I found a ton of oldies of us in various places before I ever even started this blog. Photo quality has gotten MILES better over the years, so some of these are pretty laughable!






Aren’t those so funny?! I can’t get over how young we look! And these are only the photos I’m going to share from back in the day, there were some super embarrassing ones from the height of the Hipstamatic phase. Yikes!

When I first started this blog, we had just left Dallas to start traveling full time, and my main motivation was not having to email or text out 1,000 photos to 1,000 different people. I thought it would be so much easier to just pop all my photos in one convenient spot! It’s also been really nice to jot down things I like, places we go, little stories, those sorts of things. An unexpected, but super helpful, side effect is that I’ve been able to give out recommendations so easily because I can just send a link over!

Speaking of links, here are some of the most popular of the past 3 years:

To listen to The Life Bohemian Podcast, go here.
To hear us tell our story, listen here.
To hear us being a little sillier, listen to our “Sunday Sitdowns” here.
To get answers to some of our FAQs, read here and here.
To read what I wish I’d known before traveling full time, read here.
For some of the places we’ve been so far, go here.
Our yearly recaps are here: 201520162017.
For “My Favorite Things” (think casual city guides), go here.
If you’re taking your dog to Europe like we did, go here.
And finally, for your fill of Lady Lilly (can’t say I blame ya!), go here.

I honestly never expected that anyone other than our parents would read this, much less that TLB would have over 34,000 views. I still think of posting as simply sharing pictures with my friends and family, it just seems that that group has grown significantly over the years!


To commemorate the anniversary, I considered updating the About Us page, or writing another post about what I’ve learned on the road, or the advice I’ve stumbled through giving to others who want to do the full time thing. But, I like the posts I’ve already written, and my advice is still feels timely. I also recently found this article, which I think does a really great job of highlighting both the highs and lows (and there are many of each!) of being a “digital nomad.” (Do we like this phrase? I can’t decide…)


Most of all, the thing that keeps me going through all those highs and lows, is that I get to do what I love with the two people (ok technically, a person + a pup) I love most by my side. I probably would have never even made the leap at all if it wasn’t for Jer’s continued big-dreamer, seize-the-day style of living. I’m really so happy we’re able to do this together.



And Lilly, well, she is just the most well behaved pup that’s ever lived, and the perfect travel companion.

She’s EASILY the most popular member of our fam. She’s been fawned over by the sweetest Japanese girls who got a group selfie with her, she’s had the kindest Greek grandmother knit a beautiful little dress for her, she’s been given free reign of a villa in an almond grove on the Spanish coast, she’s been taken back into the kitchen at a restaurant in France for a slice of duck, she’s been part of a chihuahua meet-up on the cobblestone streets of Como, she’s just lived the life!



Isn’t she a little doll?! She just turned 9, so I don’t know how long she’ll be able to do those transatlantic flights. But while she can, and while we’re happy traveling like this and living out of suitcases, we’re going to keep at it.


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