Chelsea In Bloom

When you have a place as far north as England, the winters are dark and cold, but it means when spring comes around, it’s really appreciated. I’ve spent months in England over the winter and it is brutal, but even I was once again convinced I could move to London. Or maybe I’ll scrap that idea and just come every year for Chelsea in Bloom, enjoy the flowers, and move on to warmer climates! I like that idea!

Luckily this year’s show was the week after the Royal Wedding, so I got to enjoy all the incredible flower displays. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as crowded as you’d imagine, and we had fantastic weather, it was a perfect storm of spring.



Fresh off my royal wedding high, my favorite display was this one, with Harry and Meghan’s initials on the back!



While this was an obvious nod to Harry and Meghan, there were other bridal/wedding inspired displays as well. This giant engagement ring was a big hit!



This year’s theme was “Summer of Love” so there were tons of 60s/70s inspired looks. Several VW vans!


I really loved this bike with her floral peace sign wheels and subtle inclusion of a classic Beatles album. Currently trying to figure out a way to have floral peace signs in my new house (while simultaneously figuring out where said house should be…)



There were also a lot of hearts! I used to hate hearts, branding them just too cheesy, but now, I can’t think of much better than a heart made of flowers. Maybe I’m getting soft in my old age?!



Lately I’ve been obsessed with rainbows. It’s my new most used emoji, I recently bought rainbow sandals, and I want any and everything with a rainbow on it. So I was thrilled to see some bright rainbows in the displays!



There were some larger than life installations, including this INCREDIBLE elephant, which, despite the pull of a Harry and Meghan themed bus, ending up being Mom’s overall favorite.


Just walking the streets with all my fellow flower lovers was so much fun. There were vendors who’d decked out their carts, music playing, and a happy vibe all around. We’d be walking and stop to take a photo, and people would direct us to a side street where there were more installations. Everyone was respectful and would move out of the way if you were taking pictures, which automatically makes someone my new best friend.


Are you sick of flowers yet?! I sure hope not! Saying good-bye to Chelsea in Bloom for now, and excited to see what next year’s theme will be!


If you want to check out the official winners, they’re posted on the CIB site!

2 thoughts on “Chelsea In Bloom

  1. NEVER sick of flowers dear Katie! Is this every year? Gee whiz it’s glorious it’s going on my bucket list! Just delightful x


    1. SO MANY FLOWERS! You’d love the show Lex, it’s every year for a week sometime in May. If you do decide to go, let me know and we’ll come with! double the flower photos, double the fun!


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