Kensington Palace, London

Let’s continue our royal tour, shall we?! I’ve been to London multiple times (and been a frequent visitor to the KP gift shop!), but never actually toured Kensington Palace.

When Mom and I were in town, we knew we had to see one particular exhibit, Diana: Her Fashion Story.

The exhibit did not disappoint. There were dozens of Diana’s dresses, including some of the most iconic.


Many of them I could see her two daugther-in-laws, The Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex, wearing some of the designs! I would LOVE to see that!


But the centerpiece of the collection wasn’t a dress at all, it was what Diana wore to walk through a minefield in Angola, bringing desperately needed attention to the subject. This display was donated to the exhibit by Prince William and Prince Harry.


At the entrance to the BATHROOM outside the Diana exhibit was this incredible watercolor wallpaper depicting some of her most iconic looks. WHY IN THE WORLD this wasn’t in a more prominent place is the real question here!


Once we’d gotten our fill of Diana’s clothing (is that an oxymoron? is this even possible?!), we went to the other exhibits in KP. Each room was more gorgeous than the last!


One of my favorite parts was that they had replicas of the period clothing made of paper! It was cool to get up close and really examine the details of the clothing.


Once we’d peeked around every nook and cranny, we headed outside to the crown jewel: the gardens.



Weather in London was GORGEOUS while we were there, so the Sunken Garden was putting on quite the show.


Speaking of gardens, before I end this post, I feel obliged to tell you that while these roses are not from Kensington Gardens, they’re in Notting Hill, just off Portobello Road, and simply incredible. The scent was overwhelming in the most wonderful way.


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