Paris Part 1

My feet might fall off! Last week, we were in Paris, and as anyone who’s ever traveled with Jer knows, he will walk you nearly to death. He never gets tired and his feet never hurt, so he’s always on the go! I can stroll to a point, but then we always find ourselves at the inevitable come-to-Jesus moment, but it’s a call-an-Uber moment instead. Then we both compromise and get on the metro.


Not that strolling doesn’t have its upsides, especially in a city as pretty as Paris in the spring. There’s always flowers around every corner!


But the trick is to turn photo opportunities into a stalling technique to let your feet rest for a few blissful minutes.

For example, it’s imperative to stop for any and all views of the Eiffel Tower:


Other things worthy of a photo/disguised feet rest break include a painting with teeny hearts you see on a pillar, a shaded bench with a view of one particularly pretty rose bush, or a charming car with a license plate from California!


And if resting your feet while still indulging your husband in the miles upon miles he wants to walk per day isn’t enough, then it’s time for the most clever trick of all. When you can convince yourself you have extra room in your suitcase (when you don’t) and NEED to fill in the nooks and crannies with treasures from Le Bon Marché, the most wonderful of Parisan department stores.

Thankfully, said walking fiend husband does need to stop and eat eventually, and we always do that at L’Acanthe. It’s our favorite and has been for nearly a decade now. In that time, we’ve seen her make one location change (in which we almost lost her and had to search frantically around La Marais until we recognized the striped awning!), and one ownership change, yet without losing a single drop of charm or tastiness.




If you’ve been watching my Instagram stories, you’ll know I’ve developed a bit of a crush on rainbows recently, so I was on the lookout with wild success! Don’t rainbows just make you smile?!




Also, as a post script, I feel it’s important to note that my favorite day of all was when we were in Deyrolle and saw Pippa Middleton and James Matthews! (Papparazzi photo below from that day, not mine obviously!). It was the icing on a (rainbow and roses) cake!


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