Paris Part 2

If you’ll remember from the last time I wrote about our little week in Paris, we walked. And we walked. And we walked. That’s Jer’s MO, he lives for a good stroll through postcard landmarks!



In the spirit of you know, marriage, we compromised, and I managed to dragged him from his walking path to do a few of my most favorite things. One of the best is the Tea Salon at the Grand Mosque. In the afternoon, they serve deliciously warm mint tea in their courtyard, which is a little dream filled with blue and green tiles.





One of the other places I LOVE is the Salvador Dalí Museum. He’s one of my favorite artists because he worked in so many various mediums. His most famous work is The Persistence of Memory, which you’d probably know by its melting clocks. Dalí frequently depicted melting clocks as his way of recognizing the relativity and fluidity of space and time.



He was not only a prolific surrealist painter and sculptor, but he designed furniture as well. The Vis-á-Vis de Gala sofa is one of my absolute favorite things I’ve ever seen, in the most gorgeous pink silk with this cheeky hand resting on the arm rest.


The unintended benefit of the Dalí Museum is that it’s in Montmartre, so after you punish yourself with hills to get up there, you can stop and smell the roses (literally) and stop for a yummy lunch.



Now, on to something we can all agree need walking through: gardens. As everyone knows, one of the best is the Tuileries Garden, which stretches outside the Louvre. The flowers were in bloom, couples were out and about, and the dog park in the corner (that my own pup refuses to play at no matter how much I try) was crowded in the very best way.




It’s so interesting to me that despite the Louvre + Tuileries being one of the most popular places in one of the most popular cities on the planet, you can usually find yourself a pocket or two without anyone in it. It’s happened to me numerous times, suddenly I’ll look around and realize I’m magically all alone.

(This particular day, there was a wonderful duo across the way playing Beauty and The Beast on the violin + cello, so I also had a soundtrack, which yes, was as wonderful as it sounds. Sometimes the skies open up and bless you with classic Disney on a violin in an empty Louvre courtyard.)




It wouldn’t be a post with talk of gardens without mentioning Luxembourg. It’s such a treat to grab a lunch spread and secure some chairs at the Medici Fountain, listening to the water and watching the ducks. Once you’re full, you can walk on through the gardens at a leisurely pace, stopping at every statue to find one matching your personality and sniffing every orange blossom.








One of the sweetest things to see during summer in the park is the boat “races.” There’s a stand on one side of the center pond that rents mini sailboats, themed by country, and kids (or grown men who inside their hearts are still kids) race the boats across the ponds by pushing them with long wooden sticks. It’s all fun and games until hoards of children come running in your direction with giant sticks, but otherwise, very adorable.




Thank you for indulging me in rattling on about our petit Paris trip, and my photos on photos on photos of flowers!

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