Cannes, France

One of the most popular activities in our household is called Hypothetical, where we make up a set of situations and using those parameters, choose what we’d do and why. Cannes was the perfect place to spend hours playing our fam’s favorite game.

For example, would you rather have a boat and dock in Cannes, but you could never get off, or would you rather have a boat and dock in Virginia Beach, but you could come and go as you please?



Would you rather the weather never get above 65º or never get below 85º?



Would you rather only see roses or bougainvillea for the rest of your life, and whichever one you choose, you’d never be able to see the other again?


And the ever crucial, you can only choose one, red flowers or pink flowers?



Would you rather have a boring house with a killer view, or a house with major curb appeal but lackluster interiors?



Would you rather always be awake for sunrise, or always be asleep for sunset?


Would you rather have a cool vintage car but you couldn’t drive anywhere because it might break down, or a practical car but you didn’t have to worry about reliability?



Would you rather always have to eat alone, or always have to eat with a rowdy group of 12?



And finally, and this one is less of a hypothetical, and more of just a question I need to say in order to show you these two whimsical photos of two of my favorite stores, Vuitton or Moncler?



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