I’ve been to Milan quite a few times, and written about how many Italians I talk to don’t like Milan at all. That’s not my experience, and I wish I could tell all those Milan detractors about a few of the favorite places I’ve found over the years! Maybe I could convert them!



The number one on that list is of course my beloved Bar Luce at the Fondazione Prada. There’s nothing quite like that first sighting of the gold foil shimmering in the morning sun!






A couple other faves include the most gorgeous church (affectionately known as Milan’s Sistine Chapel)San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore, with her two separate, yet equally beautiful, rooms. The first time I went inside this church was several years ago; I was in town over winter and miserably cold, so I popped in to what I thought was a nondescript church to warm up a bit and have a look around. I was in for a shock!



If you’re ever in Milan, a couple of the places I like to shop are 10 Corso Como (for super unique gifts), Raw Milano (for any and everything home related), MiiN Korean Cosmetics (for K-beauty sheet masks since the city is so harsh to my skin), Guri I Zi (for elegantly simple linens), Taschen (for gorgeous books in Italian – although they can order any book in any language and ship for free), and OVS (for beautifully packaged olive oil based soaps). Do as the Milanese do and shop!

IMG_7787 2


The biggest treat this time around were all the flowers in bloom all over the city! It was wonderful – and so fragrant!





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