Menaggio, Lake Como, Italy

Many years ago, when I still worked in an office environment, I was chatting with some co-workers about a recent trip to Paris. Another co-worker came in and immediately told us that Paris was dirty and crowded and overrated. We were shocked! How could someone feel that way about what’s long been considered one of the most romantic cities in the world?! I feel some of that same confusion when Italians tell me they don’t like Milan, although I don’t much care for Rome, and that would probably shock some!

Even though we may not all agree on Paris or Rome or Prague or Berlin or wherever, I’m confident we can all agree on one thing: LAKE COMO. I mean, it’s Amal and George approved! 🙂

Our recent trip to Lake Como, we stayed in Menaggio. I enjoy this area of the lake the most, the Golden Triangle of Bellagio, Menaggio, and Varenna. Menaggio is just stunning, the views from the pathway by the lake are otherworldly. I never get tired of staring off across the lake, watching the sun shimmers (with a lemon granita in hand!).

In my personal opinion, skip the town of Como all together, take a quick look by Cernobbio, and head straight on up to the Golden Triangle. Tremezzo or Lenno would be wonderful too, to be honest, up near the split of the lake, you cannot go wrong!

I’ll post again in a few days about some of the villas and some other towns, but this post is reserved for a little celebration of the seriously incredible town of Menaggio.














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