Lago di Como, Italia

One of my favorite things about Lake Como is that mid-morning, she looks mossy green, almost turquoise, and by late afternoon turns a deep dark blue. It makes you feel like the lake is ever-changing, despite the fact that there’s really not all that much that actually does change around here. This to me is so charming, the consistency of coming back to a place you love over and over again. It feels wonderful knowing what to expect, everything from who has the best lemon granita and where to get your favorite spaghetti vongole, to when to put your sails up (and maybe more importantly, when not to.)












I think this is the funniest story, we’d anchored for a morning swim and we were taking turns diving in, when so casually, Jer reaches over for a leaf in his path and pulled out a twig with a beautiful lemon on it! It just felt so quintessentially Italian to me, and solidified my excessive use of the lemon emoji in messages to all my friends.


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